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Web Design

Our ‘Magnum Opus‘ is web design. With over 10+ years of collective experience, we truly craft masterpieces in ever work that we do.

Analytic Data

Our team loves one thing more than web design; Analytics! This allows us to find gaps in the market in which your website would be able to excel.

Web Development

Our dedicated team meticously develops each website’s theme according to the needs and requirements of our client, challenging the belief of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Social Media

A relatively newer niche for chardtech, but one of the most popular. At chardtech, social media marketing (or META Marketing) is our second most popular service!


Chardtech is first and formost a Digital Marketing service and as such, we incorporate SEO in every service offered, giving websites and clients the opportunity to reach high rankings on Google!

Graphic Design

Brand recognition and graphic design are both important in the world of digital marketing. Luckily you found a service which is able to do all that for you and more!


15+ Seal of Approvals

The web-development, marketing and response time of Chardtech is what really set the service apart from any other. Isola Malta would have never reached the crowd it does today if it wasn’t for them.

Founder –

Chardtech was a delight to work with, their attention to detail, quick response time and exceptional service really does set them apart.

Outreach –

Their service is better than any other I have ever worked with. Laws of Malta could never have had the current reach it currently has without Chardtech.

Chief Editor –

Chardtech is more than just your ordinary service. We go over and above to craft and market your website in a way which make you ‘stand out‘ from all the others.


At chardtech, we believe in letting you explore the freedom of starting out on a certain plan and upgrading to another as needed. We are also able to craft a plan according to your exact needs by picking out the requested features and drafting a new one. The following plans are just ideas of what is possible with chardtech.

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